Friday, July 19, 2013

Video Introduction to Essar Team

Not my favorite thing to do - but I realize it is helpful - and the Essar team was so nice to send us an intro here is mine

Friday, July 12, 2013

The road to Jamnagar

It feels like forever since I first knew I had been accepted into the CSC program.  The time between knowing I was going somewhere in 2013 and having an actual date and location confirmed was excruciating! 

And now I am less than four weeks to the big day - and just yesterday got the details of our assignment - improving English language education in Jamnagar - how cool is that to get a project actually related to "Learning" - I call that very good karma!

Now, if only I had my Visa....that is a blog entry of it's own but I probably won't go there...let's just say I am optimistic that things are now on the right track - thank goodness I have some good friends in Houston that were physically able to get things moving....

Before I had my assignment, all I was focused on was Jamnagar itself - I am hoping to get to see the bird sanctuary and marine park - and of course do some shopping for the Bandhani fabrics...
We have our first meeting with our client on July 29th - will be sure to fill you in on how that goes!