Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Working with the Essar Foundation

First off, sorry for the delay in the blog posts - two reasons, I was a bit sick for two days plus the Internet here is quite sketchy 

So, Monday we had the kickoff with the client teams at the hotel
Our project is to evaluate English language education at the 17 government schools around Essar and provide recommendations for improvement.  With 5 IBMers on the team we able to divide and conquer.

We drive about 30-45 minutes each way to work at Essar Industries - the schools we visit are nearby - look for another post with some pictures of us at the schools.

Just like IBM, we needed to get a badge
But do we really need to include our age???

This is the lobby of the building where we work - the map is done in sand!

And - yes, there are Emus too - at work...maybe we can get pets at Littleton too?


  1. oh no! Dehli belly struck you??? :-( it's the worst. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Yea you might want to frame that ID Badge. You probably won't get another one with that wonderful age on it!