Tuesday, August 27, 2013

English Education Improvement

On Friday we finished our interviews and observations at the 17 government primary schools around the Essar refinery. Here are a few pics from the visits.

We are working on refining a set of recommendations that can be implemented short, medium and long term.


  1. Julia mentioned your blog on the EL Watercooler call yesterday --- glad she did! Looks like a great adventure.

    As a former English teacher who is still quite dedicated to public education, I'm very interested in your mission, the make-up of your team, and what IBM plans as deliverables when you all are finished. I hope we can get an opportunity to talk some when you get back.


  2. As a Board member for a K-6 school, I am really interested in your perspective on education at this level in one of the growth markets as compared to the US.