Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rounding the Final Turn

Our last week in has been three weeks of "firsts" followed by this final week of "lasts" - last weekend, last run to market, last Rickshaw ride.

Some highlights of the past week -

We got to visit the Essar Oil Refinery - 2nd largest in India 

With our safety helmet and Safety shoes - don't worry, we were never in danger - this is about how close we got to the actual refinery 

Another highlight was the Essar Foundation Volunteer event celebrating one year of employee Volunteering

The IBM team went in Indian costume and we spoke at the event 

Final report almost done...and shopping almost complete as well...will do a blog soon with the links to the other IBMers blogs so you can see things from our various perspectives.

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  1. Awesome traditional dress - really becomes your group. So colorful!